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" Vedo akhilo dharma mulam " - Manusmrithi
The Vedas are the foundation of Dharma. The sages or 'Trikalajnanis' of yore declared that it is only the Vedas that can salvage mankind from the mire of mundane existence. The Vedas state that they are but the breath of the Absolute Being (Paramatma). Just as life and breath are synonymous so are the Vedas and the Absolute Being. At our Dr. L. M. Singhvi Veda Patashala, as your child studies the Vedas, he will absorb its immense power and knowledge.
i) Veda Adhyayana :
One cannot learn the Vedas through books. To experience its full impact, Intonation (Swara) assumes a crucial importance while reciting the Vedic hymns. If there is a change in the originally intended intonation, it can change the meaning conveyed and the effect of the hymn. Hence, it is important to learn it in the traditional, oral way. This is the most trusted method of learning Vedas.
At Sri Kanchi Mahaswami Vidya Mandir, your child will be taught the Vedas in the correct manner. When your child recites the hymns, he will gain immensely from the positive vibrations emanating from them. It will not only benefit him, but collectively will have a tremendous effect on the surroundings. Research has proved that these vibrations indeed have a wondrous effect on memory and temperament.
ii) Veda Patashala :
To ensure that your child grows up and develops in a close knit and nurturing environment, we have started the Veda Patashala, a residential program that admits about 300 students, from the age of seven onwards. Your child needs to undergo the sacred thread ceremony before gaining admission into the Veda Patashala. The Veda Patashala is open to all deserving brahmin students, irrespective of their social or financial standing.
Here, the whole system is based on the unique guru-shishya concept, ensuring that your child enjoys constant interaction with his teacher, greatly enhancing his learning in the process. As Sri Kanchi Mahaswami Vidya Mandir aims to preserve and propagate the Vedas in no small measure, your child will receive his Vedic education from India’s leading Vedic scholars, no less.
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