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Sports Center
A fit and healthy body generates energy and enthusiasm which spill over into every aspect of life. Hence, we have built up a superior quality sports facilities for your child to revel in.
Here, your child can relax in a pool or take up great outdoor games like cricket, hockey, basketball and football. If he would like to indulge in indoor games, here’s an array to pick and choose from: table-tennis, squash, boxing, karate and gymnastics.
Indeed, you can be rest assured that with all the wonderful sporting facilities available, your child will improve his concentration, build a healthy competitive spirit, a sense of discipline and a spirit of sportsmanship, qualities that are important on and off the field.
Your child will receive continuous guidance to develop his skills. Coaching sessions are conducted after school hours.
We organize interschool competitions to maintain enthusiasm among students and to push them to new levels of excellence. If your child performs well at the interschool level, he will be encouraged and coached on to participate at the district, state and national levels.
Sports Center
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