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Overview and Eligibility
Sri Kanchi Mahaswami Vidya Mandir, follows a clear set of criteria that govern the admission process to the Dr. L. M. Singhvi Veda Patashala and the CBSE School. These criteria must be met in each case and no exceptions to these criteria will be entertained.
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Eligibility criteria for seeking admission in the Veda Patashala

  • Admissions are open to all brahmin boys between the age of 7 years and 11 years.
  • Only boys whose Upanayanam has been performed will be considered for admission.
  • In exceptional cases Upanayanams will be performed before the admission process commences.
  • Children seeking admission to the Veda Patashala must sport a tuft and wear clothes appropriate to the patashala. It is mandatory to wear uniforms provided by us.
Admission Procedure for Veda Patashala:
  • The application forms would be available from January each year.  It can also be downloaded from the website.
  • Applicants will be shortlisted after a written test and will be called for an Interview.
  • Students who are shortlisted in the interview are required to attend a selection camp at the campus.
  • A final list of selected students will be prepared by a committee of Acharyas and Teachers and will be informed to the students.
  • In case if any student opts out of the course midway, he will not be entitled for refund of any sum paid. The Vidya Mandir reserves the right to recover the expenses incurred by it on the student till his opting out and this right can be exercised by lien on anything due to the student.
  • The meritorious students will be encouraged to study further in our premises.
  • All children seeking admission to Dr. L. M. Singhvi Veda Patashala will have to undergo a detailed medical test and submit the reports along with the admission form.
Curriculum for the Veda Patashala
Vedas are the sacred roots of Indian heritage and culture. They are revered to be the divine life force from the cosmos, which conferes peace, prosperity and well-being of humanity. Over the years, the Vedas have passed from generation by oral renditions. It is our bounden duty and responsibility to protect and sustain the Vedas.
The syllabus for ten years :
  1. Rig Veda Samhita
  2. Shukla Yajur Veda (Kramanthan)
  3. Krishna Yajur Veda (Ashiti Dhvyam)
  4. Sama Veda (Rik Samhita, Gana Samhita and Uha-Rahasya Ghanam)
The entire above syllabus would be covered along with the basic knowledge of Sanskrit.
During the next few years, they are brought to a higher level of Vedic studies equal to the graduation level.
Examinations are conducted annually. The students undergo periodical examinations every year as per the directive of the Sri. Kanchi Kamakoti Pitham.
Eligibility criteria for students seeking admission for CBSE Studies

General Conditions – CBSE Admissions

  • Admissions are open to boys and girls who fulfill the following criteria.
    • Preference will be given to students living within a 5 km radius of the Vidya Mandir Campus.
    • Preference would also be given to siblings from the same family seeking admission.
  • Admissions to each class is subject to a minimum enrolment of 36 students in that class.
  • Admissions will be open to higher classes under CBSE as well after appropriate approvals are received. However the school will offer admissions only up to 12th standard. Admissions are open to all streams - Science, Arts and Commerce.
  • Final decision regarding all admissions are under the discretion of the governing council of the school.
  • All CBSE admissions start as per the CBSE calendar.
  • The CBSE School is NOT a residential school and admissions are open to residents of Chennai. In exceptional cases of outstation students, boarding and lodging arrangements will have to be made by the students and their parents. The school does not offer any facilities in this regard.
  • A student seeking admission to any class in the school will be eligible for admission to that class only if he:
    • has been studying in a school recognized by or affiliated to this Board or any other recognized Board of Secondary Education in India;
    • has passed qualifying or equivalent qualifying examination making him eligible for admission to that class;
    • satisfies the requirements of age limits (minimum & maximum) as determined by the Sate/U.T. Government and applicable to the place where the School is located;
  • produces
    • the School Leaving Certificate/Transfer Certificate signed by the Head of the Institution last attended and countersigned
    • document(s) in support of his having passed the qualifying or equivalent qualifying examination, and
    • The Date of Birth Certificate issued by the Registrar of Births and Deaths wherever existing as proof of date of birth.
    • Student migrating from a school in a foreign country other than the school affiliated to this Board shall be eligible for admission only when an eligibility certificate in respect of such a student has been obtained from this Board.
    • No student who is under the sentence of rustication or is expelled from any Board/University/ School or is debarred from appearing in the examination for whatever reason by any Board/ University shall not be admitted to any class in a School affiliated to this Board.
    • No student shall be admitted in Class IX and above in a school affiliated with the Board after 31st day of August of the year except with prior permission of the Chairman, CBSE/Competent Authority as defined in the State/Union Territory Education Acts.
Specific requirements - CBSE Admissions:
Our policy dictates specific requirements to encourage merit students and with regard to admission tests toensure a fair level playing to all those who seek admission to our school.
  • Admission up to Class VIII (i.e. class VIII and below) shall be regulated by the rules, regulations, orders of the State/U.T. Governments applicable to the place where the school is located.
  • Admission to class IX in a school shall be opened only to such a student who has passed class VIII examination from an institution affiliated to this Board or to any recognized Board or is recognized by the Education Department of the Government of the State/U.T. in which such an institution is located.
  • Notwithstanding anything contained in the rules above, Chairman shall have the powers to allow change of school for better academic performance, medical reasons etc. to avoid undue hardship to the candidate(s).
  • In case of all such admissions the schools would obtain post facto approval of the Board within one month of admission of the student.
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