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Library Policies
1. Your valid library ID is required in order to borrow library materials.
2. Library users may check out up to two books for three (2) weeks. A book with a CD or DVD is considered one item.
3. All other circulating materials - you may check out two at a time of each type of material (i.e. DVD tutorial, magazine, video etc.)
4. For students of the Vidyamandir, Reference and Reserve and textbook materials may not be checked out. To use Reserve or textbooks items you must present your student ID.
5. You are expected to return books in the same condition as when they were checked out. If books are returned in a damaged condition you will be asked to pay for their replacement.
6. The library reserves the right to deny service and/or forbid access to any abuser of our facility, including, but not limited to: theft, material destruction, and inappropriate internet searches (pornography, graphic violence) in a public space which others may find offensive.
7. The library does not charge library fines. We expect you to return your items on time. If they are not, your student campus account will be put on hold and you will be blocked from registering for classes or picking up your schedule until the items are paid for or returned. A Rs. 300.00 processing fee is charged on all books that are paid for rather than returned. The library staff reserves the right to end check out privileges to anyone who continually has overdue or lost & paid for items.
The first time you check out a book you are automatically agreeing to the terms of the Library rules.
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