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Fee structure
i) Veda Patashala
No fee is charged for the CBSE School for students pursuing Vedic education as well in the Vidya Mandir. We however recover the cost of dress, boarding, lodging, minor medical assistance, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, amenities, books and stationery and school uniform for CBSE
Deserving students who cannot afford to pay the whole amount would be given concessions after going through the proof of income documents that are submitted.
ii) Unique approach to fees
Contribution towards cost of Vedic studies are based on a unique appraisal system devised by the Vidya Mandir. Here is how it works:
Each applicant fills an appraisal form along with the application
The applicant fills information pertaining to the family income, number of wage earners etc
The appraisal officer goes through the papers with appropriate supporting documents
He then settles for a fee affordable by the parent.
In the case of poor families admissions may be offered free depending on the merits of the case
Preference will be given to children of Vedic Scholars
The appraisal is based on a dynamic appraisal system that will be carried out every year
Special concessions might be considered for families keen to send at least one child for vedic studies to keep the tradition alive
Admissions may be cancelled leading to studentís expulsion if it found later that the parent had concealed income and submitted grossly misleading figures to avail of lower fees.
iii) Special note:
Parents will have to give an undertaking that they will not withdraw their child from the patashala for any reason during the entire period of study. However they are free to do so within the first three months of admission.
Parents will sign an indemnity that he will return/reimburse all the expenses incurred by the Vidya Mandir, should they choose to withdraw the child, notwithstanding this rule.
iv) Sponsorships
Sponsorships are not covered by the appraisal system. Part sponsorships are accepted. Sponsors should pay all the amounts involved for the full year in advance.
v) Here are the details about our school fees.
Additional Notes:
A) Damages
1. Costs of any wilful damage caused by the student will have to be borne by the parent.
2. Since the students enjoy substantial concessions extended by the Vidya Mandir, it is imperative that they demonstrate consistently high academic performance, both in Vedas and CBSE School. Failure to do so will lead to a fee review by the Governing Council, which will institute a 3 month notice period for performance improvement. The Governing Council may take a firm view after the 3 month review period and call the parent for a revised fee appraisal and counseling.
3. If a child fails even once, he will lose admission from the L. M. Singhvi Vedic School.
In addition to the fees, CBSE students are required to pay caution money, library deposit, laboratory deposits etc as per standard practice currently prevalent among CBSE schools.
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