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Dining Hall
The Dining hall is equipped to provide healthy, nutritious and tasty meals.
Here, your child enjoys his meals in a cheerful ambiance located on the campus, with three hundred other children, all enjoying each other’s company, not to mention the mouthwatering spread.
The meals are cooked by well-trained cooks in a clean, hygienic kitchen, well equipped with the latest cooking appliances. The cooking itself is monitored by the warden and the management in charge of the Dining Hall. With the guidance from our nutritionist, the menu for the week is also put on the notice board for the students to know.
Every day, your child is served a rich protein diet supplemented by a glass of milk and fruits. The food is a well-balanced vegetarian spread consisting of a wholesome breakfast, a traditional lunch, an evening snack, a glass of milk/ fruit juice, and an early dinner with fruit on some days. CBSE students must bring their own food, based on guidelines provided by the CBSE School.
Your child will imbibe discipline in his eating habits as well, energizing his mind, body and spirit.
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