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Colours, shapes, forms…the world of art is an aesthetic and creative one. We have designed an interesting Art Zone to help unleash the Picasso in your child. Here, your child can explore his creativity and learn to express ideas visually. He will develop a strong imagination, learn to think laterally, observe, analyze and communicate, through the arts.
What could be a more extraordinary opportunity than this, to shape his creative intellect through patterns and freedom to experiment with ideas?
Our curriculum for the course in Art is comprehensive. It is based on foundational drawing skills and uses a wide range of methods and art materials. This exciting course comprises of formal art training, from basic sketching, use of crayons, water colors and poster colors. Also included in this course is sculpting, pottery making, hand crafts, miniature model designing etc. His/Her thought process can also expand with other courses like photography, pottery making, sculpting and many more.
Truly, the Art Zone will energize your child’s spirit of innovation and help nurture a sense of aesthetics too.
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